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conjunct with World Congress of Neuroendoscopy

Date: 21 November 2023, Tuesday

Time: 14:00 - 16:30

Venue: MBS Hall B

Agenda: Download here




Date: 21 November 2023, Tuesday

Time: 18:00 - 20:30

Venue: Shangri-La Singapore

Agenda: Download Here

The Current Status, Indications and Contraindications for Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement in Singapore

Clarification on points raised in Channel News Asia (CNA) article.
> Click here for article [PDF]

Following a recent CNA article on Singapore doctors developing a new spinal surgery technique dated 30th November 2022, a number of our members have expressed significant concerns regarding several inaccuracies in the article and the misleading nature of the article for the general public.

We would like to make the following points of clarification:


  1. Artificial Spinal Disc Surgery is not new to Singapore. It was first performed in Singapore in 2002 and is currently performed in all hospitals in Singapore;

  2. Whilst Cervical Fusion Surgery is still considered to be the gold standard, Artificial Disc Surgery is performed commonly in appropriately selected patients with the potential benefit or maintaining mobility and reducing stress on other segments of the spine;

  3. Artificial Disc Surgery may not be less invasive or less painful than Fusion Surgery;

  4. In the US Artificial Disc Surgery is indicated for 1-2 levels disc pathologies with radiculopathy or myelopathy symptoms and is contraindicated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for patients with osteoporosis or severe joint degeneration which is commonly seen in older patients. Any use in such patients is considered off label and is not supported by the available literature.

We would recommend that patients discuss their conditions with their individual physicians if they have any concerns or need further clarifications.

Jan 2023

Clarification on points raised on NTFGH media release

Following the media release on Endoscopic Spine Surgery in NTFGH dated 13/8/2020, there was consternation amongst the SSS members with regards to the accuracy and veracity of statements made during the event leading to potential misinformation of the general public. 

Clarification has been sought from the parties responsible and the following points have been made in apology.

MOH Circular 18 October 2021

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Performed by Anaesthetists.

SSS 6th Annual Meeting, 18-19 March 2023
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